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My GCH Degree!! My CH Degree!!

Hi, I'm GCH CH yoR, this page is my Show Career Blog

I'm a GRAND Champion!!

The girls don't have anything over me I'm a Grand Champion now!!!


I'm a New Champion!!

In 3 1/2 months, 4 major wins,  3 single wins, and before my first Birthday in 9-12 month class!

CH yoR

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yoR's Grand Champion Show Wins Summary







Scott County Kennel Club, Rock Island, IL

Mrs. Karen S McFarlane




Mount Ogden Kennel Club, Logan, UT

Mrs Lesley E (Funnel) Hiltz




Mount Ogden Kennel Club, Logan, UT

Mr Charles L Olvis




Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club, Jordan, MN

Mrs Paula Hartinger




Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club, Jordan, MN

Ms Terri Lyddon




Duluth Kennel Club, Duluth, MN

MrsBarbara Dempsey Aldeman




Coulee Kennel Club, Onalaska, WI

Mr Houston Clark




St Croix Valley Kennel Club, Lake Elmo, MN

Mrs Rita J Biddle, Esq




Tri-City Kennel Club, Amana, IA

Mr Fred C Bassett








yoR's Champion Show Wins Summary







KC of Freeborn County MN, Albert Lea, MN

Dr. Robert D Smith




Tri City Kennel Club, Cedar Rap;ids, IA

Mr Charles L Olvis




Tri City Kennel Club, Cedar Rap;ids, IA

Ms Betsey A Leedy




Rochester Minnesota Kennel Club, Rochester, MN

Mr. Stephen F Hurt




Platte Valley Kennel Club, Fremont, NE

Mr. Edd Embry Bivin




Mason City Kennel Club, Mason City, IA

Mr. Steve Hayden




Lake Shore Kennel Club, Crete, IL

Mrs. Dennis (Mary Lou) Kniola







Other Fun Wins






Cedar Rapids Kennel Club, Central City, IA

Puppy Match

Mr. Scott Northern



Rochester Minnesota Kennel Club, Rochester, MN

Puppy Extravaganza

Mrs Sue-Ellyn Rempel - Breed 

Mr. Stephen F Hurt - Group



2010 AKC Eukanuba National Championship Qualifier


Scott County Kennel Club, Davenport, IA, Saturday May 12, 2018

Well I got to show in the Veterans Spectacular today, I HAD FUN!! Mom about cried while showing me because Iím so special to her. I am her first show dog. I showed beautifully and Mom said that Iím the best show dog she has. I know how to stack and when, how to walk and when, I still have it at 11 Ĺ years old. Iím good! I even had the crowd clapping for me and cheering. I got Best Veteran Breed and got to go to the Best in Show Veterans Spectacular. The judges couldnít believe that I am 11 Ĺ years old. They said I act like a puppy. Thatís because I enjoy showing with my Mom as a matter of fact I LOVE IT! I didnít win BIS but I had so much fun trying. It was a special day for me and Mom!

WOW, I love to show!! WOW, I love to show!! WOW, I love to show!!
WOW, I love to show!!
WOW, I love to show!!

Scott County Kennel Club, Rock Island, IL Sunday May 11, 2014

The old guy still has it! Not only did I take Best of Breed I took Best Veteran. It was Motherís Day so I told mom I wanted to show today because the Kennel Club was having a Veteran Special. I wanted to give Mom a very special day and I did! I got to show in the Toy Group ring and the Veteran Best in Show. I didnít win but wow did I look good! Dad said I stood there like a little statue. Mom and Dad was so proud of me.

Mason City Kennel Club, Mason City, IA Sunday October 13, 2013

I Finally got to show!! I was so excited and happy to show the judge just loved me. Mom really enjoyed showing her old guy too. The crowd so impressed with my enthusiasm. I had so much fun!! Charles got jealous but I told him Ďhey itís my turn!í I got Best of Opposite Sex! The old guy still has it.

WOW, Best of Breed!!

Burlington Kennel Club, West Burlington, IA, Saturday - Sunday August 6-7, 2011

I had so much fun in the ring this weekend! I just love to show! Mom braided my topknot and on Saturday the judge just loved it. She told Mom that she can see my eyes and pigment. I have a very handsome face you know. So Handsome that I took breed and took out that prissy Missi! She pouted because I beat her. On Sunday, well I'll  just say that I pouted.

WOW, a Group 3!!

Jefferson City Kennel Club, Sedalia, MO, Saturday July 9, 2011

Wow, itís been a long time since I have been in the ring! I just love to show and I love my Mom showing me. I love it so much that I perform perfectly. I got Select today and Best Amateur Owner Handler because my Mom is an amateur, she owns me, and we are the best! I got to go to the AOH Group judging and wow I got a Group 3!! Thatís better than Prissi Missi did yesterday, he he.


Tri-City Kennel Club, Amana, IA, Friday September 3, 2010

Those girls donít have anything on me now I got my last point today. Iím now known as Grand Champion yoR. I finished my Champion title with the exact 15 points and I finished my Grand Champion title with the exact 25 points. I donít waste any time. I get in the ring and take care of business. I tell Mom, letís hurry up and get my ribbon, the girls need me back at the RV. I do love to show though, I get so excited that Mom has to tell be to calm down. Iím just really in hurry to get back to the RV, you know the girls.


Another Major!!

Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club, Jordan, MN, Saturday/Sunday June 12-13, 2010

Wow, Iím on a role! I took back to back Best of Opposite this weekend and got two more major wins for my title. I took out Ch. Bee one day and Ch. Missi another day again. I also took out another champion boy both days! I have all my qualifications now for Grand Champion except I need only points now. Wow!!


Mount Ogden Kennel Club, Logan, UT, Saturday/Sunday May 22-23, 2010

It has rained every day since we left home for our show road trip but we have had fun. Iíve seen so many new states and more to come before we get home. I told mom that I would bring some sunshine to her day and guess what I did! Both days for a brief 5 minutes, it stopped raining just as I was going into the ring. I took back to back Best of Breed both days for 5 point majors each towards my Grand Champion title. I even took out Ch. Missi one day and Ch. Bee the other day. Iím well on my way to my new title and Mom loved the sunshine!

Wow Select Dog!!

Scott County Kennel Club, Rock Island, IL, Saturday May 15, 2010

Well we are working on a new title now for me, Grand Champion. I started off on this endeavor right; I got Select Dog today for 1 point towards my title. I have a long way to go but I know that I will be a Grand Champion soon!
I got Breed!! Wow a Group 4!!

West Burlington Kennel Club, West Burlington, IA,
Sunday August 16, 2009

I was afraid that Mom would not let me show today after yesterdays upset so I promised Mom that I would show good for her. Guess what, I took Breed! I got even with Bee! I got to go to the big ring and showed so well. Well enough for Group 4 placement! Yippeeee! Not bad for just a dusting!

Bee Took me out!

West Burlington Kennel Club, West Burlington, IA, Saturday August 15, 2009

Mom and I thought that I needed to be taken off the shelf and dusted off for Nationals next week so I got to show today. I did take out a top rated special for Best of Opposite but guess who took me out for Breed? That prissy Bee! I was so upset with her!

Sioux Falls Kennel Club, Sioux Falls, SD, Sunday October 26, 2008

Well I was acting up just before I went into the ring and accidently bit Momís hand. She told me that she knew it was an accident but it hurt! She handed me to Dad. Dad and I pulled it off again; I got Best of Opposite Sex over a top raking dog! WOW!!

Mattoon Kennel Club, Springfield, IL, Friday October 17, 2008

Today was crazy with the handler thing and all but Iím not like the girls Iím a professional show dog! I went into the ring being rushed and not getting my usual pregame warm-up and pulled it off. A Man has to hold his cool you know! Mr. Bivin still likes me. He gave me Best of Opposite Sex and told Mom that she has a really nice boy. Thank you Mr. Bivin!

Havanese Club of America National Specialty, Richmond, VA, August 29-30, 2008

Best of Breed:
Wow I never saw so many Havs in one place before. All the specials went into the very large ring for the grand opening of the Best of Breed competition. It was a huge ring, 3 times larger than a normal ring size. The line up rapped all the way around the ring 1 Ĺ times! What a sight to see!
  All colors, shapes, sizes, it was amazing! I didnít win but it was so cool to be a part of such an event.

The line up! The line up! He Likes Me!! The table thing! The table thing!
The walk! The walk! The walk! The walk! The walk!

Parade of Champions:
I got recognized in the Parade of Champions for all the hard work I did this last year while obtaining my Champion Title. I got featured in the ring and my resume read then I was presented with a really nice rosette that had my name printed on it. It was really cool to have all my hard work reconized!

I'm special, I'm being reconized!! I'm special, I'm being reconized!! I'm special, I'm being reconized!! I'm special, I'm being reconized!!
I'm special, I'm being reconized!! I'm special, I'm being reconized!! I'm special, I'm being reconized!!  

Burlington Kennel Club, West Burlington, IA, Saturday August 16, 2008

Iím on a hot strike now! I got Best of Opposite Sex today over some top rated dogs, WOW!!! I just hope the winning continues!

Wow BoB!!!

Kennel Club of Freeborn County, Albert Lea, Minnesota, Saturday August 9, 2008

Albert Lea has been good to me! Last year at this show I got my first major, now today, as a Champion I got my first Best of Breed! Wow! I got to go to group and compete with the big boys. It was so much fun. Mom was a little nervous though but I was relaxed and calm. I perform beautifully and when it was over, Mom patted me and told me I did a wonderful job, gave a kiss, and we walked out with the rest of them, without a ribbon. Thatís ok though, we got there and it was a big show for Havs, 21 of them! I am the Top Havanese Dog today!!! Yeppers!

Here are some pictures of me in the Group Ring!

I'm in the Group Ring!! NOT AGAIN, DIDN'T WE ALREADY DO THIS!!!
Me towering over my competiters!! The Line Up!


Duluth Kennel Club, Duluth, Minnesota, Sunday July 13, 2008

I finally got to show again after being on Family Medical Leave with the Puppy Kidz. I just love to show! Dad showed me Friday and Saturday and that didnít go to well because I wanted my Mom to show me so Sunday I got my way. I was so happy that Mom was showing me that I perform perfectly for her. The Judge really liked me. He told Mom that she has a really good Dog! I thought he was going to give me Breed over a top 10 girl but he didnít.  Oh well I got Best of Opposite Sex, but it was so much fun to see Mom smile and be so happy, CH yoR.

Scott County Kennel Club, Rock Island, Illinois, Saturday May 10, 2008

I was bound and determined to give Mom a winning ribbon for Motherís Day. Guess what, I did it! I got BOS today. I told Dad that I wanted him to show me so we could surprise Mom with her present so Dad and I went into the ring and brought out a ribbon for Mom. She was so happy and proud of Dad and me. She told us that Dad has a new project now since he did such a good job showing me. We told Mom that we would think about it. I still like showing with my Mom but I also like my Dad.  Maybe they will have to take turns showing me. Iím going on Family Medical Leave while Bee is nursing our Puppy Kidz and recovers from Maternity. You know a Man has to support his Gal and be a part of parenting, CH yoR.



Lake Shore Kennel Club, Crete, Illinois, Sunday November 25, 2007

Oh my, Guess What? Oh ya, I won Best of Winners! I got another 3 point major and the points I needed to get my title! Iím a NEW CHAMPION! I performed the best that I have ever performed. The judge was really nice and gave me hug. When Mom told me ĎGood Boy, you got ití . I was so excited that I started jumping and barking in the ring. Mom cried and Dad was so proud of me, he was waiting at the ring exit to hug me. Dad told me that I'm not a puppy anymore that I'm a Champion. Mom told me now that I have a title I have to sign my name using my title, so until next time, CH yoR.

Lake Shore Kennel Club, Crete, Illinois, Saturday November 24, 2007

I got to go to the big city this weekend, the Windy City of Chicago. Wow was this fun. I have never seen so many huge buildings and the traffic, Dad was a little grumpy driving. Guess what? I got to stay in the Grand Royale! Dad got us big room and Bee and I had so much fun running and playing together. One time Mom dropped our leads while trying to unlock our door and we ran all the way down the long hallway chasing each other. I would chase Bee then she would chase me. Mom and Dad took us to Pet Store and we got some new chewies, Bacon Flavor.  I really enjoyed the show today. I met some new Havanese friends. I just love making new friends. I didnít win today but I did get Reserve Winners Dog. Oh well, maybe Iíll win tomorrow.

Minneapolis Kennel Club, Shakopee, Minnesota, Sunday November 18, 2007

Oh my, the competition was still tuff today. I did really well though. I took 1st place in my class and then I took Reserve Winners Dog. I beat some of the best Havanese out there, WOW! Mom was really proud of me. My full sister, we were born together in the same litter, took Reserve Winners Girl over some of the best Havanese Girls. Her name is Twinkie. We are quite a handsome Brother/Sister duo. I really wanted to win today and get my title, but it didnít happen. Oh well, maybe next weekend.

Minneapolis KC, North Star Havanese Club Regional Specialty, Shakopee, Minnesota, Saturday November 17, 2007

Well the RandR was good but I was ready for the competition again. It took me a time in the ring to remember how to walk right and that I had to not worry about Dad, I couldnít see him but I did smell him so I knew he was watching me. Dad you were out of sight but not out of smell! I got first in my class in the Puppy Sweepstakes. I got a new toy and I earned a whole $11.70. I have more income! In the regular competition I beat some really nice dogs in my class. It was the biggest class competition I have ever been in. I got 3rd place. My friend Stevie got Winners Dog and earned his title. It was his birthday and his Momís birthday, wow, what a birthday present! Congratulations Stevieís Mom and CH Stevie!

Sioux Empire Kennel Club, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Sunday October 28, 2007

After yesterday I just wasnít in the mood to show. I have been showing for two months with very little time off. Iím tired! A guy needs a rest! I didnít want to stack or walk. I tried to do my jack rabbit hop and made Mom upset. I didnít even get out of class and Mom told me that I deserved it. She was upset with me but, I know that she loves me. After the show we had a discussion and I convinced Mom that we need to just take some time off and regroup!

Sioux Empire Kennel Club, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Saturday October 27, 2007

It was a really strange show today. The planned judge was absent, I hope she is OK and gets well soon. We had a last minute judge that Iím not sure who he was. Mom and Dad didnít know about the change and that we had been moved up in time. Mom didnít have me ready and she was still adjusting my lead when we went into the ring. It all happened so fast that I didnít get to do my pre-show work out. Mom and I just wasnít ready and it showed. I didnít even get out of my class.

Mattoon, Sandemac, Illinois Capitol, Gateway Havanese Regional Kennel Clubs, Springfield, Illinois,

Friday - Monday October 19-22, 2007

Mom told me I would have days like these! It was just a bad weekend! It all started Friday morning when Dad got out of bed and handed Mom the alarm clock, while it was still quacking I might add, and said Ďyour alarm is going offí and went straight back to his bed.  Mom was still trying to open her eyes and it took her awhile to figure out how to turn it off. It sounds like my quacky duck. I looked at Dad and growled and thought couldnít you have turned it off before you woke me up! It all went down hill from there and thatís all Iím going to say about it. I will say that I got 4 rosettes, a tennis ball, two ceramic tiles of Hav pictures, I gave them to Mom, and blue plush puppy toy, itís my favorite now. Also, I have an income; I earned $7.21 on Saturday and $14.43 on Sunday in the Sweepstakes.  Mom told me that Iím big time now, Iím earning my keep!

Mason City Kennel Club, Mason City, Iowa, Sunday October 14, 2007

I was so tired today. I got up with Mom at 4:48 am. We had a really early show time. I had that Judge again that tried to take em. I said NO WAY and I did a sit. When I did my down and back I thought I saw my Dad when I got to the corner so I stood up on my back legs to get a better view and sure enough, thereís Dad. I said to him, help, she wants to take em! He told me to mind Mom. I donít think the Judge was too happy with me, she didnít pick me.

Another 3 point major!

Mason City Kennel Club, Mason City, Iowa, Saturday October 13, 2007

I really had fun today. I did just what mom told me to do and it paid off. I got Winners Dog. Then I got to compete against the Specials for Breed. The judge liked me, he picked me for Best of Winners which I got another 3 point major! Iím in the double digits now and I almost have my title. My friend Daisy got Best of Opposite Sex and a 3 point major also. She finished today and has her title. Iím so happy for my friend Daisy, sheís really pretty.

Wright County Minnesota KC, Hutchinson, Minnesota, Sunday October 7, 2007

Well today was a better day, I got past the losers day. I looked good and was ready for a win. I got Reserve over some very nice pups.

Wright County Minnesota KC,  Hutchinson, Minnesota, Saturday October 6, 2007

I was about as lucky in the ring today as Dad was last night. We got to the show site about 1:00 am, it was along drive. Dad wanted electric for the RV so he could watch the games today. He climbed over a 7 foot fence to get a plug; he plugged in and guess what, NO JUICE and not talking fruit juice! The next day our neighbor showed Dad that the gate was unlocked! He he! It was losers day, I lost, the Cubs lost, and the Hawkeyes lost. Dad and I were not happy campers.

Platte Valley Kennel Club, Fremont, Nebraska, Sunday September 30, 2007

I was ready for the ring today after the big win yesterday. I walked and stacked perfectly. When I got to the table I stood there like I was supposed to. The Judge scared me when she wanted to check my back end. I had one of those you are not going to touch me there moments! She told me ĎI wonít take them!í I thought yep, I wonít let you take them! I did a Ďsití. Mom was not happy with me. The Judge knew she scared me so she gave me a big hug and told me I was a good boy. She was a really nice lady even though she scared me and only picked me for 1st place in my class.  Mom told me that we will work on my table manners this week.

Mr. Edd Bivin Picked Me!!!

Platte Valley Kennel Club, Fremont, Nebraska, Saturday September 29, 2007

Was I nervous today or what? I had to show before Mr. Edd Bivin! I performed perfectly. He gave me Winners Dog and I was looking at another 1 pointer. I came out of the ring thinking, oh my, Dad will call me the 1 point boy wonder again. I have to take out the girl or a special to get another point. I went back into the ring for Breed competition and I was so nervous, I wet my pants! Good thing I was in the corner and Mr. Bivin was busy with the specials so he didnít see me. Mom had to clean it up. I performed so good that I beat the girl and got Best of Winners for a 3 point major! Wow, what a win from Mr. Edd Bivin! I guess Dad canít call me the 1 point boy wonder any more.


Rochester Minnesota KC Inc, Rochester, Minnesota Sunday September 16, 2007

I picked up another point today, yes I got Winners Dog. I competed for Breed with my friend Maggie. I thought I was going to win but the judge picked Maggie. I got Best of Opposite Sex. Oh well, Maggie finished today and Iím so happy for her, she has a title now. Dad is starting to call me the 1 point boy wonder. I guess Iíll have to show him.

Rochester Minnesota KC Inc, Rochester, Minnesota Saturday September 15, 2007

I looked good today! I performed just like Mom told me too and I was a good boy and stood still on the table for the judge. I got 1st in my class and competed for Winners. She didnít pick me but, guess what; she picked me for the Puppy Extravaganza! Yes, I got Puppy Best of Breed! I got to go to the Puppy Toy Group competition and I was even better. I had a fan club and when they cheered for me, I said, oh my, they are cheering for me. It put an extra bounce in my step! There were 12 different dogs in the competition. There was a Yorkie, a Shih Tzu, a Chinese Crested, and bunch of other dogs; I donít even know what they were. The judge gave me 4th place in Group! I got another Rosette and got to take my picture in the big setting. Wow, I just love fans.

Puppy G4!!!

Puppy BOB!!!

Des Moines Kennel Club, Des Moines, Iowa, Sunday September 9, 2007

I was not ready for the show today. I was tired and I just wasnít ready. Dad took possession of the alarm clock and turned it off in his sleep! When I finally woke up, Mom had to rush to get me groomed. I didnít feel like eating breakfast so I went into the ring on an empty tummy. The liver treats were good but they just werenít enough. Never cross a guy when he is hungry. I performed perfect in the class judging but when it came to Winners, there was little puppy behind me and man was he irritating. Mom couldnít get me to stack or walk. The judge wasnít too happy with me, she didnít pick me.

Des Moines Kennel Club, Des Moines, Iowa, Saturday September 8, 2007

I was ready for the show today, Mom groomed me and I was handsome. I performed really well. I guess I could have been better because the Judge didnít pick me. I did have fun at the show though; Grandma and Grandpa came to watch me. I always love seeing them. I met a very nice couple, Mike and Paulina, Paulina is a very pretty lady and Mike picked me up. They played with me and petted me. I hope I see them again soon. I saw several Komondors and very handsome Puli. The Puli won his Group. I just love meeting new people and seeing the different breeds. Itís a lot of fun!

Cedar Rapids Kennel Assoc, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sunday September 2, 2007

I was ready for the ring today, Mom groomed me and I looked good! I got in the ring and the judge got me all worked up while I was on the table. I was excited. When I started my down and back, I was fired up and started my jack rabbit hop. Mom just stopped right in the middle of the ring.  She looked at me and said Ďthat wonít get ití! I shook it off and looked up at her and said ĎOK, Iím ready now; I got that out of my systemí. I performed really well after that. When I competed for Winners Dog I wanted to play with the pup behind me, he was right on my butt. I couldnít even walk. I think he wanted to play with me too. I got Reserve.

Cedar Rapids Kennel Assoc, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Saturday September 1, 2007

Well today was not a good day. First we got to the show site and Mom pushed me out of the car. She tried to catch me but I fell in the door jam. It scared me! Then she took me inside and put me on the grooming table and pushed me off of it. Quite a fall! Tannerís Mom seen it but she didnít turn Mom in. Good thing Dad was standing there because I fell on his foot to soften the blow. Then I went into the ring and good thing I was the only Dog in my class because I had a headache! I then had to compete for Winners Dog, and Mom wanted me to perform, ya right, I was still working off the falls. I got Reserve. I was upset because I wanted to win, Grandma and Grandpa was there watching me and I wanted them to see me win. Mom said it was an accident. I still love my Mom; I guess it really was an accident.


Tri-City Kennel Club, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Friday August 31, 2007

Iím still celebrating my birthday!  I won Winners Dog again today, YEPPERS!  I hope tomorrow will be good to me too.


Tri-City Kennel Club, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Thursday August 30, 2007

Today is my birthday, 9 months old, and for my present I got Winners Dog.  Picked up another point!  I had a fan club today, Dad was there of course, Laura and Sharon from Momís work, and my obedience trainer Kay was there.  They were all excited for me. The judge told Mom that she had a really nice pup, he was a tough judge, he made me walk around the ring many times and I was getting tired.  Mom was very proud of me.


KC of Freeborn County MN, Albert Lea, MN, Sunday August 12, 2007

This morning while we were having breakfast Mom told me that we had a win to get and asked if I was with her. I told her yep. She groomed me so that I was the most handsome dog at the show. I performed my best! I got first in my class and then I had to compete for Winner which I won! At this point I had a 2 point win. I had to compete for Breed next. Mom told me that this was serious stuff and I had to behave, so I did. It was a major upset! I beat a big time Special and won Best of Opposite Sex! WOW, WHAT A WIN! You know, Iím only an 8 month old puppy. I gained another point from it and came out with a 3 point Major win! Exciting stuff!

KC of Freeborn County MN, Albert Lea, MN, Saturday August 11, 2007

I was very anxious today and ready to get my first big win. It didnít happen! I was so anxious that I forgot to walk right and started doing my hop again. Mom corrected me and then I performed very well after that. I stacked really nice and walked just right. I guess the judge didnít think I was the best though; I got second in my class.

Coulee Kennel Club, La Crosse, WI, Sunday August 5, 2007

I was still upset with Mom from yesterdayís fiasco and I just knew she was going to loose it for me so I decided to have fun. I did my jack rabbit hop and I tried to play with the other dogs in the ring. Well, Mom did great! She listened to the judge and tried to pull me out of my attitude. I guess next time we have to be a better team and I have to obey Mom and pay attention. I got second place in my class.

Coulee Kennel Club, La Crosse, WI, Saturday August 4, 2007

I had my first real show today. Even though I was really nervous, things went really good on my part of the team anyway. I didnít play hide and seek even though I wanted to, I stacked beautifully, and walked like a Havanese should walk. Mom was the problem! She did not pay attention to the judge and I think that really hurt my chances of winning. I got second place in my class.

I'm a winner at 7 Months!!!

Cedar Rapids Kennel Club Fun Match, Central City, IA, Saturday July 7, 2007

Mom allowed me to participate in the fun match today at the Linn County Fair hosted by the CRKA. And guess what, THE SEVENS WERE GOOD TO ME!!! I got Best Puppy in Match!!!  I had fans cheering for me. When the Judge said ĎToday, the best dog is, the Havaneseí, Mom was looking for another Havanese in the ring. I knew I was the only Havanese and that I won but, I was just joking with Mom and acted like I didnít know. When she realized it was me that won, she got excited. I got a rosette given to me by the very pretty fair Queen and a canine back pack. Mom wanted me to give the back pack to my cousin Harley who is an 100 pound Black Lab because it would fit him but, I told Mom to save it for me because I was going to grow into it.

Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club, West Fargo ND, Friday, June 1, 2007

Well this was my first time in the ring and it was scary, you know Iím just a 6 month old puppy, I was really nervous.  I stood really nice on the floor for the Judge and when we walked around I wanted to go faster so I was doing my jack rabbit hop.  When I got on the table I stood really nice and I said to myself,  ĎThis is just like training.í  Man was I surprised.  I realized the Judge wasnít my trainer and it scared me.  I allowed him to examine my teeth and face.  He started to my back end and oh my, Iím not going to allow anybody I donít know to touch me there!  I hid Ďem!  He told me and Mom to leave the ring and something about a DQ, I don't think he was talking about ice cream.  Mom wasnít too happy with me, she told me that it was a good touch, like when my doctor examines me and before I can go in the ring again I need to be a little older.  I donít think my hide and seek game was a good idea.

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