I'm 15 months.

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I'm Roy, and welcome to my web page.

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Hello and Welcome to KandL Kidz.com,

My name is Roy, and my girl is named Bee.  Our parents are Keith and Linda, they love us so much that they created this web site just for Bee and me and, I have my very own page, of course Bee has one too.  Mom let me include my personal bio so you could know more about me.  Mom and Dad have lots of information in this site about my kind, Havanese, and I hope that you find it informational and maybe you will want one of my puppies, with Beeís approval of course!

Bee and I get to play all day, take naps when we want to, and we get all kinds of treats when we have been good.  Mom and Dad take us everywhere with them even on vacation, I like vacations. 

Mom says that we have to be obedient, donít know what that means but I hear sit, stay, and come a lot.  I know what sit, stay, and come means.  I follow the commands because I get treats and, I am so eager to please my Mom and make her happy.

I also get treats when I go outside to do my business.  Mom tells me that Iíve been a good boy.  Bee gets treats also when she does her business outside.  I like going outside, I like to run and chase Bee.  I like to run circles around Mom and Dad too.  The thing I donít like is going outside when it is cold.  It can get very cold here in  Iowa!  I do like the snow though, I like to run and jump in it.

I really like to play with Mom and Dad but I really, really like to play with small children.  They are so much fun, more fun than Bee and that says a lot.  I just love to play with the little boy who lives across the road.  His name is Pencil, I just love to play with Pencil.

I have put all my information on this page for you to learn more about me.  I hope you like what you see, Iím a handsome guy! 

Lots of tail wags,


My Personal Bio:
Name: KandL's Roy Baxter Schuchmann
  October 24, 2004 to January 17, 2007
Breed: Havanese
Pedigree: Click Here
Color/Markings: Black Parti Belton
Eyes: Dark Almond Shape
Lips: Permanent Smile
Height: 10.5"
Weight: 10.8 lbs
Length: 14"
Likes: Children, walks, travel, fishing, camping, boating, other dogs and their parents, green grass, snow drifts, swimming, grooming (I'm handsome), chasing squirrels, and sniffing.
Dislikes: DON'T PULL MY TAIL!!!!
Favorite Food: Kibble, beef, lamb, and poultry flavors please.
Favorite Toy: A stick and pop bottle.
Professional Certifications: AKC, CERF HV-4329, Two time Obedient School Graduate Click Here And Here
Available: No, I'm committed to Bee.
Favorite Vacation: Fishing on Lake Vermilion, Minnesota, Walleye Baby!
When I grow up: I want to be a Professional Iditarod Athlete.

I'm 15 months old

Look into my eyes.

I'm 15 months old

Mom said sit.

Me at 2 weeks

Here I am at 2 weeks.

My Brother

This is my Brother.

Me and my litter at 10 days

This is me with my litter when we were 10 days old.

Me and my brothers at 10 days

This is me and my brothers when we were 10 days old.

I'm 10 weeks old

Here I am at 10 weeks old.

I'm four months in these pictures.
I'm 4 months old I'm 4 months old I'm 4 months old

I would be 5 months in this pic

I would be 5 months in this picture

I would be 7 months in this pic

and 7 months in this picture.

I'm a little man at 15 months.

I'm a little man at 15 months I'm a little man at 15 months I'm a little man at 15 months

I graduated!

I'm a 2 time graduate and 17 months.

I love the Spring!

I'm 18 months and I love the Spring.

I'm 2! I'm 2! I'm 2!

I'm 2 years old now!!!!!

Roy Cool!

Shades, COOL!!!

Is it Spring yet?

 Is it Spring yet? I'm ready to go fishing!

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