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Never sedate your Kid when flying and always take him in the cabin with you. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, in most cases cats and dogs should not be given sedatives or tranquilizers prior to flying. An animal's natural ability to balance and maintain equilibrium is altered under sedation, which can be dangerous to your Kid. When flying, animals are exposed to increased altitude pressures which can create respiratory and cardiovascular problems for dogs and cats which are sedated or tranquilized. Brachycephalic or snub-nosed dogs and snub-nosed cats are especially affected. Flying is like riding in your car, they calm down and go to sleep, usually before the plane takes off. Usually your travel companions will not even know your Kid is on board the aircraft.

Havanese like to taste. When you are on a walk, they put everything outside in their mouth. Most of the time it’s not a good thing.

Havanese like to play a game called ‘Run like hell and catch me if you can’. It’s really a fun game for them but they must be allowed to play this game in a controlled area such as a fenced area for their playtime safety.

Porkies, Puggles, Dorkies, Havapoo, Havamalt, or whatever fancy name is placed on them are NOT pure bred dogs. They are Mutts! If you want a so called ‘Designer’ dog go to a Humane/Rescue organization and do a Rescue. They are much more economical and they do need homes too.

The ‘Designer’ dogs are just someone wanting to make a buck. Mix breeding goes against everything a reputable breeder bases their breeding program on, i.e., conformation of the dogs, pure bred, health, temperament etc. When you mix two breeds you never know what you are going to get.

Mushrooms can be harmful to your Havanese. Some can even be deadly. Please check the area regularly where you walk your Havanese and remove any mushrooms that may have popped up.

Havanese are shredders. You will never have a need for a shredding machine; just give it to your Hav. They will take care of it for you and have a party while helping you out!

There is no such thing as a Shavanese. It’s just a fancy name for a Havanese with a bad coat. Don’t be fooled!

Changing your Havanese water can sometimes cause diarrhea. We use bottled water at home and while traveling to avoid this situation.

Havanese Boys are more affectionate than Havanese girls, NOT TRUE. It depends on the dog. Either gender can be as affectionate as the other.

Havanese girls are better at potty training, NOT TRUE. It depends on your commitment to taking them ‘outside’ and training them.

Havanese puppies will show their affection by giving your hands ‘Love Bites’. They have very sharp teeth. Tell them ‘No Bite’, ‘I Love You Too’, and then give them a chewy to bite. Don’t scold them, it’s an affection thing.

Havanese will jump from any high place. Don’t leave them unattended on any high place. They will jump off.

Puppies should never be allowed to jump off a couch, chair, or anything elevated until they are over 7 months at least. They could harm their growth plates.

When you buy a dog from a pet store you are only putting money in a Puppy Mills hands. Walk away; you are not rescuing the dog.

When you buy from a Puppy Mill you are not rescuing, you just put money in their hands so they will go make another puppy. If they can’t sell their product they will quit producing it. Walk away.

Havanese are really good watch dogs. They will sound the alarm when you have company. Allow them to finish the alarm sounding and they will calm down and be wonderful host for your guest.

You may find puppies at a ‘discounted’ price. They are usually Puppy Mills. When a reputable breeder spends thousands of dollars showing, health testing, and vet bills providing health care for their dogs they do price their puppies accordingly. Reputable breeders do this to provide the best healthy puppies that meet the breed standards that can possibly be produced. If you want a ‘discounted’ puppy, you get what you pay for.

Havanese get so excited when you return home. Allow them to give you the ‘greeting’ and you must give it back. They are so happy to see you!

Havanese seem to think that the bed belongs to them. If you ask real nice they will share the bed with you but forget the pillow. Hey, a Hav must draw the line somewhere!

Havanese must be part of the family. They are not happy if they are left out of attention and family activities. So find accommodations that will accept your Hav when you travel. They do like vacation.

Show dogs are unhappy and mistreated. NOT TRUE! They love to show, it’s a competitive sport for them and to have a show dog requires extensive care and grooming. Havanese especially love it, they are show offs!

Havanese love attention and will demand it! They will constantly be in your arms, lap, or under your feet following you around everywhere you go. They will graciously return the love and attention to you.

Be the person that your dog thinks you are!

Teddy Bears, Dorkies, Porkies, Havamalts, and all the other fancy names are not pure bred dogs. They are not recognized by AKC. They are mixed breeds and more commonly known as mutts.

Havanese are pack animals, the more the merrier and the bigger the party!

Havanese are like potato chips ‘you can’t have just one’!

Rescue animals need homes too and make wonderful loving pets. If having a pure breed or having a dog as a puppy is not important to you please consider a rescue.

If you don’t like ‘company’ in the bathroom, you don’t want a Havanese!

There are several products on the market that you place in your dog’s food to control tear staining. Please check it out. It may contain Tylan. This is an antibiotic and should not be used for long periods of time. You should NEVER give this product to a puppy, pregnant gal, or nursing gal. It is harmful to puppies.

If your Hav has excessive wetness around the eyes, keep it dry by applying corn starch to the face. Just rub it into the coat with your fingers.

Havanese love to play in the snow so let them have fun. When they come inside, to remove the snow balls that have accumulated in the coat just run warm water over the snow balls to melt them.

Havanese just love it when you remember their birthday. So find a dog bakery or a recipe and give them a birthday cake or special birthday treat. Don’t forget that birthday present!

Havanese owners are a rare breed themselves. Some people even think we are a little ‘off our rocker’.

If you don’t like making a bed with ‘somebody’ in it, you don’t want a Havanese!

Puppies learn biting by playing with their litter mates. If a playmate yelps, a pup knows he has bitten too hard. Make use of this instinctual behavior to train a pup who mouths or nips by yelping loudly yourself then stop the playtime. Your puppy will learn quickly that he must not bite or nip you.

Never Leave your Kid outside unattended. Havanese are escape artist!



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