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Meow, I don't like pictures!

Smokey The Cat

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Iím Smokey the KandL Kidz cat.  Mom said that I have to have a web page as well, so with much argument, here it is.  I donít like playing with the dogs as Iím old and set in my ways.  I donít like change.  I like to keep my life simple and keep things the way they are.  I donít like the dogs eating my food!  I will panic if my food bowl gets empty or almost empty.  When Mom fills it for me I will eat so much that I throw up.  Mom says that Iím the Bulimic cat.  I get a can of tuna blend cat food every Saturday and Sunday.  Thatís my treat and I expect it.  If I donít get the treat I will let Mom and Dad know about it.  I will pout until I get my treat.  It has real tuna in it and its good!

I have one picture on my page, and thatís all you will get, as I donít like to take pictures.  I will not have a bio either because I donít care about things like that.  I donít like to travel; I let the dogs do that.  I like to stay home and have the whole house to myself.  What a relief to be rid of those dogs.

I like to lie on the guest bed and relax.  Mom put a nice soft throw on it for me.  Itís really comfortable.  The dogs canít jump on the bed because itís too high, but I can because Iím a cat.

When the family is downstairs I like lie in the dining room chairs.  Itís high also and the dogs canít get me.  They like to try but I just let them know who the boss is, I will make that hissing noise and I have a really good right punch.  They leave me alone when I give them my right punch.

I will sit in Mom or Dadís lap, when I want to be petted, but donít try to pet me when I donít want to be petted.  I will give you my right punch.

Keep you motor running,


Smokey the Cat

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