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I'm GCH Rozy

and I have a page too!!

I'm 9 weeks old!

Legend of the Cherokee Rose

When the Trail of Tears started in 1838, the mothers of the Cherokee were grieving and crying so much, they were unable to help their children survive the journey. The elders prayed for a sign that would lift the motherís spirits to give them strength. The next day a beautiful rose began to grow where each of the motherís tears fell. The rose is white for their tears; a gold center represents the gold taken from Cherokee lands, and seven leaves on each stem for the seven Cherokee clans. The wild Cherokee Rose grows along the route of the Trail of Tears into eastern Oklahoma today.

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Osiyo, translated as a Cherokee Hello!

Iím Rozy and I'm from the Bee Hive 3 litter. My biological Dad is yoR and my biological Mom is Bee. I was the fifth birth of seven Puppy Kidz. I really wanted to stay with my family and I got my way, YEA!! I just love living with the KandL Kidz. I like to play with Charles.

I'm beeloved and red like a rose so Mom named me Rozy, pronounced Rosey. Mom likes to play with spelling so she spells my name like yoRzy. She's funny that way. My formal name is KandL's Cherokee Rose yoR BeeLoved. I'm named in honor of the ancestral mothers who cried on the Trail of Tears and after the famous Nancy Ward, Nanye'hi, who is Mom's Grandmother way back there. Nanye'hi was a famous Cherokee lady, The Beloved Womenof the Cherokees, a prophet, peacekeeper, diplomat, and a priestess just to name a few and often called the 'The Wild Rose of the Cherokee' (Mom says I'm wild). You can google her to find out more about her and her very influential role in our American History.

I love to play chase with the other Kidz and I love to sleep with Mom and Dad. I have wonderful home and I'm going to stay right here with my family. I get to travel in a big RV and see so many interesting places. I get to be a show dog too.

I like to lay my head on Mom and Dad's shoulder when they hold me. I just love giving hugs. I'm not a big kisses gal but I do like to give hugs.

I have a lot of toys to play with but I'm not too sure about that the green frog, it makes a funny noise. As long as I don't shake it; its fun to play with.

Wado, a Cherokee Thank you!

CH Rozy

I'm 2 weeks old    I'm 2 weeks old

I'm 2 weeks old!!

 Me with all my litter brothers and sisters

Me with all my litter brothers and sisters

The Cherokee Rose is born!!    The Cherokee Rose is born!!  

The Cherokee Rose is Born!!

Rozy's Personal Bio:
Name: GCH KandL's Cherokee Rose yoR BeeLoved
Breed: Havanese
Pedigree: Click Here
Color/Markings: Red Sable Tan Points
Eyes: Dark Almond Shape
Lips: Beautiful!!
Height: ??" still growing
Weight: ?? lbs
Length: ??"
Likes: Charles, toys, chasing, hugs, and sleeping in the bed, SNOW! I LOVE SNOW!.

The Judges wanting to see my teeth and anything that flies in the sky!!!!

Favorite Food:


Favorite Toy: The Green Frog or anything that Charles has.
Professional Certifications:

AKC, Home School Obedient School Graduate, CH Degree, GCH Degree




Patellar HAV-PA4914/31F/P-VPI

Hip HAV-3478E31F-VPI

Elbow HAV-EL1961F31-VPI

Legg-Calve-Perthes HAV-LP1640/31F-VPI

Cardiac HAV-CA2900/12F/C-VPI (I have a big heart! The Doctor said so!)

Available: Nope.
Favorite Vacation: That Sun Road in Montana!!!!
When I grow up:

I want to be a spokesdog for K9 health.

I'm 6 weeks old!        I'm 6 weeks old!

This is 6 weeks old.

   I'm 8 weeks old!  I'm 8 weeks old!  I'm 8 weeks old!

I'm 8 weeks old.

           This is Me when I was 9 weeks old.

I'm 9 weeks old!

I'm 9 weeks old!

I'm 9 weeks old!

I'm 6 months old!

I would be 6 months old in this picture

I'm really cute at 4 months.

I'm 4 months old!  I'm 4 months old!    I'm 4 months old!   I'm 4 months old!

My BAER Test

Here I am getting my BAER test

I have EXCELLENT hips!!!

Eat your hearts out Ladies, I have certified EXCELLENT hips!!

My Left elbow!!!   My right elbow!!!   My Left elbow!!!

My elbows are Normal!!

West Michigan Apple Blossom Cluster Fun Match, Kalamazoo, MI May 24, 2013

I made it around the ring!

I made it around the ring!!!



You gonna look at my teeth again?

You gonna look at my teeth again?

I got a rosette!!

I got a rosette!!

Rozy at Logan Pass

I'm 7 months old and on vacation at Logan Pass

Glacier National Park

My BAER Test

Here I am getting my BAER test

Happy 1st Birthday to Me!

November 6, 2013

It's my Birthday!!

It's my Birthday!!

Where is my present?

Where is my present?

It looks like me!!

It looks like me!

Parties are Fun!!

Parties are FUN!!

I'm a NEW Champion!!


Mr Jason Hoke awarded me Best of Winners at the Coulee Kennel Club show in Winona, MN on 11/09/2013 !!!!

It's my 2nd Birthday

November 6, 2014

Here it is, Yummy!!


Cute hat

Cute Hat

It's a Sasquatch?

It's a Sasquatch!!

Happy birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm a NEW GRAND Champion!!


Mrs Charlotte P Patterson awarded me Best of Breed at the Kennel Club of Greater Victoria show in San Antonio, TX on 03/05/2015 !!!!

Wow! I'm already 3 years old

This is my Birthday Party

November 6, 2015

My Cake and the gang!

My Cake and the gang

Enough pictures yet?

Enough Pictures yet?

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

For ME? Thank you Mom and Dad!

For ME? Thank you Mom and Dad!

Cool, a Hot Pink Dragon!

Cool, a Hot Pink Dragon!

Christmas 2015

I'm 3 years old and it is Christmas!

It's Christmas!         It's Christmas!          It's Christmas!             It's Christmas!

January 2016

This is my modeling for my Krisma Images Glamour Photo Shoot!

I'm 3 years old!

My Modeling!!

My Modeling!!

My Modeling!!

My Modeling!!

My Modeling!!


  I'm 3 1/5 years old!    I'm 3 1/5 years old!

I'm 3 1/5 years old! I'm all dressed up and nowhere to go!

The whole gang!

Lake Vermilion, October 2016

GCH Bee, GCH yoR, GCH Hapi, GCH Rozy, GCHB Missi, OH-RBIS GCHB Charles, Buffi, Griz

I'm a big girl now! I'm 4 years old

Happy Birthday Party to me

November 6, 2016


My Cake!


Hey it's my cake Griz!

The whole gang!


The whole Gang

My Cake!


Hey it's my cake Griz!

My present


My present

I love it!


I Love it!


Happy 5th Birthday to me

November 6, 2017

My Birthday Party !!


My Birthday Party !!

My Cakes !!


My Cakes !!

I'm the Birthday Girl!!


I'm the Birthday Girl !!

OK, enough pictures !!


OK, enough pictures !!

It's my Birthday Party!!

I'm 6 years old

November 6, 2018

I'm 6 years old!!


I'm 6 years old!

Yum, these cakes look good!!


Yum, these cakes look good!!

Just a little bite to taste!


Just a little bite to taste!

The whole gange! Hapi, don't get so excited!


The whole gang! Hapi, don't get so excited!!


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