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What you will need for your new Puppy Kid

CPR Heimlich
Hav Grooming
Potty Training
Crate Training
Do NOT Feed
Infant Kid Care
Puppy Supplies
Books to Read


    Crate - For every day at home 17” to 18” wide wire mesh, 19” to 20” if plastic. Next size smaller plastic crate for travel one that can be secured with a seat belt or use a seat belt harness. Please buckle up your Kid!

    Collar - Soft Satin or rolled leather. For training obedience use rolled nylon with loose ring. Never a choke or prong collar.

    Leash - 6’ lightweight leather and/or 26’ flexilead.

    Pick it up – A pooper scooper for home with forked tines for the lawn and poop bags for those walks.

    Gates for doorways - The kind that can be easily opened or stepped over.  Baby gates work great and are reasonably price.

    Dishes - 2 dishes for food and water, untippable, ceramic or if feeding in a crate, hanging stainless steel.

    Sleep Time - Doggie pillow, pad, or bed be sure it’s washable.

    Carpet cleaner - The pet formulas work the best.


    Shampoo & Conditioner that is gentle and moisturizing.

    Grooming spray that conditions and prevents matting.

    Dental kit containing toothbrush and paste, finger brush works easiest.

    Nail clipper with a file to smooth out those rough edges.

    Blood stop or septic powder.

    Greyhound comb (metal comb with long teeth).

    Pin brush with long tines and rounded tips.

    Hemostat for pulling ear hair out.

    Clippers for clipping pads.

    Round tipped scissors for trimming feet and eyes.


    Flying disks, rope toys, soft stuffed toys, soft pull toys, hard rubber toys, bell balls, tennis balls, toss and fetch toys, canvas toys, toys with squeaks.

Chewing Aids

    Nylabones, pig ears, and natural odorless bully sticks.  We advise against Greenies and rawhide, as it can block the digestive system.  Never give your dog bones from a carcass.  Chewing also helps the teething puppy.


With a shopping trip your Kid will have all the necessities!

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