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BeeHive1 Show
BeeHive2 Show
BeeHive3 Show
Tear Drop 2 Show
NaughtyorNice2 Show
NaughtyorNice3 Show

Check out Missi's and Picasso's Show Careers!!!!
Bee Hive 1 Show

Bee Hive 1 Show Careers

Check out Charles' Show Career!!!!
 Bee Hive 2 Show

Wow Group 4!!!!

Check out Rozy's Show Career!!!!
 Bee Hive 3 Show

Rozy's Show Career!

Check out Buffi's
Show Career!!!!
 Tear Drop 2 Show

Tear Drop 2 Show

Check out Cory's
Show and Performance

 Naughty or Nice 2 Show

Naught or Nice 2 Show

Check out Little Man's
 Naughty or Nice 3 Show

Naught or Nice 3 Show

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