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We highly recommend crate training in order to more easily reach your potty training goals. Because dogs are naturally clean where elimination is concerned, they will tend to seek a place to eliminate that is away from where they eat and sleep. Being confined in the crate at times will help discourage elimination when you dont want them to. Once the crate has been accomplished you can graduate to a larger area such as a play pen.

Some Do's of Potty Training:

    Take your Kid outside frequently to the same area outside, preferably a grass area.

    Be sure to take the Kid outside first thing in the morning after waking, after being taken out of the crate, after each meal, timing will come with experience, after waking from naps, last thing at night before retiring and, whenever your Kid is circling, scouting around with nose to the ground, whining or appearing distressed.

      Associate a phrase like Go potty or Hurry up with waiting for your Kid to eliminate outside. Your Kid will eventually learn this phrase and go on command.

    Praise your Kid immediately during elimination outside.

          Reward your Kid with a small treat, upon returning inside, when he has been successful outside.

          If you should catch your Kid in the act, pick him up and tell him outside while taking him outside.  Place him in the area selected for his business and wait a few minutes to see if he will finish.  If he does, praise him.

          Clean any soiled carpets with a pet odor remover.  This will remove any scent and discourage your Kid from returning to this same area in your home.

          The younger the Kid the more often you should offer trips outside.  You should start with every 30 minutes and work up to 4-5 trips a day by the time the Kid is one year.


Some Dont's of Potty Training:

          Dont rub your Kidz nose in the accident, its traumatic and its likely to make him afraid of you. Remember, a positive approach to potty training is much more effective than a negative one.

          Dont scold your Kid unless being caught in the act.  Puppies have short memories and wont connect your scolding with the accident, even if you scold just minutes after the fact.

          Dont punish your Kid for diarrhea; its beyond your Kidz control.  Feeding a proper diet on a regular schedule should help eliminate this problem.

          Dont punish for submissive urination, some Kidz will urinate when excited or upset.  These Kidz should be handled gently and praised for correct behavior, not scolded for submissive urinating.  With the proper training your Kid will learn to control this issue.

          Dont scold your Kid for eliminations in his crate.  He will eventually be able to hold it as he matures.

          Never Leave your Kid outside unattended. Havanese are escape artist! You also need to be concerned with your Kidz being stolen from your yard while unattended.


Potty training is easily achieved if good habits are established early and desired behavior is consistently rewarded. Successful potty training depends on you, the Pet Parent, you will need to learn to observe the Kidz behavior and anticipate his needs, minimizing the opportunities for mistakes, and praising for correct behavior.


Remember, be consistent and patient and, your Kid will quickly learn that his bathroom is outside!

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