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I love the fresh air!

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Look what the Easter Bunny left! I'm going to eat it!!

Easter 2006

Roy 18 months and Bee 8.5 months

I love the fresh air!

Camping weekend May 2006

Roy 18.5 months and Bee 9 months

Let's get out of here!

Put your seat belt on Bee, "No dogs allowed".  We're out of here!

Thanks Dad!!

Thanks Dad, we love our new RV.

Summer Vacation 2006

Roy 19.5 months and Bee 11 months

Bee's 1st birthday and Roy 21 months.

I'm one! I'm NOT one! I'm one!

Yea, party hats.

It's a girl's hat!!!!!


I'm one! I'm one! I'm one!

Roy, that's my cake!  Don't touch it!

Tug of war, birthday presents are fun.

Parties are so much fun.

Roy's 2nd Birthday 10-24-2006

I'm 2!

Yummy Birthday cake.

This is my birthday cake.

A Bee, it has my name on it.

My presents.

Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you.

Christmas 2006    

Roy 2 year 2 months and Bee 17 months.

Grandma and Grandpa's house.

This is at Grandma and Grandpa's House.

This is my Tree.

This is my tree.

Hey Roy, it's my tree too!

Hey Roy, it's my tree too!

My Christmas bows.

My Christmas bows.

Thanks Santa!

Thanks Santa!



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