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Going Home

Roy going home with his new Bee.

Roy 11 months and Bee 9 weeks.

Boat Ride

Roy and Bee enjoying a boat ride on the Mississippi River.

Roy is 11 months and Bee is 10 weeks.

An evening at home.

Roy and Bee enjoying an evening at home with Mom and Dad.

Roy 15 months and Bee 5 months.

Roy's 1st birthday and Bee 2.5 months.

I'm one! I'm one! I'm one!

We would prefer the cat food.

This cake is good! We ate tooo much cake, absolutely miserable!!

Christmas 2005 at The Château on the Lake

Roy 14 months and Bee 4.5 months


Christmas 2005 Christmas 2005


Hey Bee, Dad is keeping us from the presents.



Roy, you think he will let go of us?


Christmas 2005 Christmas 2005


I don't know Bee, but I think I smell some of those Woofables gourmet cookies.  I hope we have some in one of these presents.



Maybe if we sit and pose real nice; he will think that we have been good and we will get the presents?


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