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Our KandL Kidz are raised in our home as part of the family.  They sleep with us, travel with us, and visit family and friends with us.  They love to ride in our boat and go fishing.  They absolutely love to go camping and meet other Kidz and their parents a Havanese is very social and friendly to other animals and humans.  Yes our KandL Kidz are spoiled!

We provide for frequent special play time with the Kidz each day.  We take time in our busy schedule to stop and play with the Kidz or just go for a walk on our country estate.  Each of our Kidz are individual with individual personalities. Each Kid has special characteristics that we give individual recognition.  Roy likes to be held and we make a cute whining noise to say I love you.  Bee likes to be held and lay her head on our shoulder and just be petted. yoR likes to be held like a baby and kissed.  He will grunt as if he's saying thanks, I love you too. Our Kidz like to play 'keep away' and 'tug of war' with their toys, we like it too.

Our Kidz are well within the Havanese breed standard.  Please refer to each Kidz's page for their personal bios to learn more about our Havanese KandL Kidz.  Yes, they do have the beautiful almond shaped dark eyes and that permanent smile.  They are very happy and loyal, a Havanese will be your permanent friend and they become very attached to their family.  Our Kidz have the most beautiful soft coat that is so wonderful to snuggle with. Our Kidz love to run and Roy will run in circles around us as if he is herding us. When Little Bee wants something or attention she will do the Havanese dance. She will stand on her hind legs and put her front paws together and 'wave' them while singing the doggy bark. yoR loves to pull the toys from the toy basket and pile them up in the floor, yes all of them.  He then will lie in the middle of the pile and play with his favorites. Little Hapi is just happy and will not be left out of anything. They have the most beautiful prancing walk, as if to say 'look at me; I'm so pretty and happy. I just love my life.'

We want our KanL Kidz to have a healthy long life so we insist on feeding our Kidz a quality natural holistic nutritional food.  Our KandL Kidz have stayed healthy and happy with their food.  We also give our KandL Kidz all natural treats. We give our Kidz home baked cookies that we purchase from a local gourmet dog bakery, Woofables. The Kidz love their all natural chewies for their dental health.  Our KandL Kidz are fed well!

Our KandL Kidz receive baths as necessary, sometimes when its most inconvenient as they do like to run and jump in the mud puddles!  We use a high end mild sensitive shampoo and conditioner to provide a natural bath to keep their coat healthy.  They get a quick brush as needed during the week and once a week the Kidz will get a complete brush out where their coat is brushed in layers and any mats are removed.  The Kidz like to look nice as well as feel good.  For special occasions the boys will get their hair braided and the girls will get a topknot with a pretty bow.

Our Kidz have regular checkups with our veterinarian and receive all of the recommended vaccinations.  We provide year round heartworm prevention and seasonal flea and tick prevention.  Our KandL Kids have yearly appointments with the ophthalmologist to have a checkup and have been registered with CERF. We have their hearing tested with the BAER test as early as possible, their Patellar Luxation test at one year and Hip Dysplasia test at two years along with many other OFA health testing.  You may find their registration numbers for these tests on each of the Kidz' page and you may confirm these test on the OFA web site.

We have attended obedience training which our KandL Kidz have done quite well.  They are so eager to please us and love to receive praise as well as the treats.  We continually work with our Kidz to help them be well trained and well behaved Kidz.  We even have a few tricks!

We hope you enjoy the photos on this web site as we want you to know our KandL Kidz and their personalities.

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Roy, was our first Havanese. He came to us at 6 months old and he was a major joy in our life.

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Unfortuantely Roy's life was very short.

Read About Roy

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yoR came to us at 9 weeks old. He is so much fun and

a very loving boy, he is such a Teddy Bear.

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Little Bee joined our family at 9 weeks old. She was so sweet and still is, she is our little princess.

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When Hapi joined our family we couldn't have been happier. She is such a spunky, sweet, and happy little girl. She holds her ground with the other Kidz and doesn't want to be left out of anything.

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Missi was our second Havanese delivered by KandL Kidz. She has been with us since her birth and we just love her. She is every bit as spunky as her Mom, Little Bee, and she is known to us as 'Stinker' because she is the typical mischievous Havanese.

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I'm Charles!!

Charles is from the Bee Hive 2 litter and has become our little man! He is such a joy and will be spending his life with us in our home spoiled just like all of our Kidz. He is a typcial little boy!

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4 months!

Rozy is from the Bee Hive 3 litter and has become our beautiful red girl! She is so lovable and likes to give us hugs. We are so lucky to have her in our family. She is absolutely a sweetheart!

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I'm 6 Months old!

Buffi is all our dogs in one. She is our second generation breeding. She is from the Tear Drop 2 litter. Buffi's parents are Charles and Hapi with grandparents yoRzy and Bee. I can see personality traits from all of our dogs. She is such a blessing to our family. She can be quite Naughty like her Aunt Missi and Aunt Rozy but she is also quite loving and wants to give us hugs and kisses. She loves to snuggle and play with the puppies.

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I'm 4 Months old!

After 3 litters we finally get a boy, yea! and what a beautiful boy we have. Our Little Man, Griz. He too is our second generation breeding. He is from the Naughty or Nice 3 Litter. Griz' parents are our Missi and his sire Ernie lives in Colorado with his lovely Mom. Griz is such a happy boy and a lovely addition to our family.

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I have a web page too!

Smokey has been with us for many years now. She came to us as a baby kitten. We rescured her from the local humane society.

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