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    Understand that you have taken your Kid from all that he has ever known for his home and relationships. He has been taken from his litter mates and his birth parents. This can be very stressful for your Kid. Be patient and understanding. Allow your Kid to rest and become adjusted to his new home while developing your relationship with him.

    Place his crate near your bedside but not so near that he can reach your bedding and pull them into his crate. If he cries at night, reach over and put your fingers through the crate, lightly pet him and softly console him. He should go right back to sleep.

    Your Kid must get plenty of rest for the first few weeks after you bring your Kid home. For the first few weeks make sure you do not play too hard, actively running and jumping, with your Kid more than 30 minutes at a time. Never wake up your Kid to play as they need their rest. A sleeping Kid is as sweet to show to family and friends as an awake and playful one. There will be plenty of time to play with your Kid when he wakes. The most common mistake new Parents usually make is playing with their Kid too much. Too much activity will deplete their blood sugar.

      Provide safe soft toys for your Kid to play with and examine them frequently for damage. If you find a toy that is damaged, ripped or torn, discard that toy. This will give you an opportunity to spoil your Kid with a new toy. Never use toys that have button eyes or noses that can be chewed off and swallowed.

    Always provide a chewy for your Kid, as they are teething and need to chew. Use a bitter spray, from your local pet store, to spray on items and furniture that you do not want your Kid to chew. Spray the item, gently push your Kid away and say leave it then give him his chewy that he can chew on. This will usually distract your Kid from the item you dont want him to chew.

          Do not leave small items lying around where your Kid can get them. They will try to eat it and this could cause serious problems. Even strings, cotton balls, lint, etc, your Kid will try to eat it. Do not leave items like shoes, cell phones, eye glasses, etc, in reach of your Kid as your Kid will chew them and could swallow small pieces from these items.

          Never leave poisons, antifreeze, chocolate, or anything hazardous within your Kidz reach. They will eat it.

          Do NOT throw your Kid in the air or move his head quickly in a playful manner. Never become angry and hit, kick, or raise your voice. Remember, your Kid is very tiny and should be treated like you would a premature human baby you have just brought home from the hospital. Patience, Love, and Understanding is the best option.

          Havanese like to jump, it is just their nature. Never leave your Kid on a high place such as the couch, table, bed, etc. Your Kid will jump off and may hurt himself.

          Havanese like to run like hell and play catch me if you can, it is just their nature. Never allow your Kid to be off leash in an unsecured area. Take your Kid to a safe, secure, fenced area to allow him to run and play.

          Use a rolled leather collar as this will be more comfortable for your Kid and will reduce matting around the neck area. Nylon collars will catch hairs and cause matting.

          Always pick up your Kidz stool. You can get some fashionable baggie holders, at your local pet store, that attach to his leash to use to pick up the waste. Nobody likes to see it or even worse, step in it.

          Worms are transmitted through the stool by eggs. Never allow your Kid to touch another dogs waste.

          We recommend that you microchip your Kid for identification and recovery if needed. Your Veterinarian can help with this. 

          Do not leave any kind of paper in your Kidz' reach. Havanese are shredders and they will destroy any paper items such as paper piddle pads, newspapers, magazines, important documents, and yes even homework.

          You need to take your Kid to your Veterinarian within 48 hours of taking your Kid home for a wellness check.  It is very common for puppies to have worms, dont be alarmed as this is quite common. Take a sample of your Kidz stool with you and your Veterinarian will be able to determine if worm eggs are present and treat your Kid if necessary. Your breeder should have given you a record of all treatments and vaccinations that your Kid has been given while with the breeder. Take this information with you to the Veterinarian and he can recommend treatments and vaccinations that your Kid will need. 

          Please spay or neuter your Kid. Females should be spayed after they are six months of age as they need the hormones to grow healthy strong bones. Dont wait much after six months as she can have her first cycle as early as six months of age. Males should be neutered when his testicles have dropped. This will usually happen around four to five months of age. 


    With proper care, your Kid will remain a Healthy Happy Havanese!

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