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    The Havanese is truly one of the most delightful of the small breeds.  They are exceptionally intelligent and quick-witted.  Their love of attention comes from their adorable little “show-off” natures.  They are curious and busy constantly.  They are natural clowns and enjoy interludes of rowdy, madcap play. 

    The Havanese expression tells you that they miss nothing going on around them.  They love to sit somewhere high – especially on the back of sofas and chairs.  They never let strangers approach unwelcome.  They thrive on human companionship and are at their best as a participating member of the family.  They love children and will play tirelessly with them at any game in which children delight.

    If raised near water or exposed to water at an early age, they become powerful swimmers, diving in and out of the water like tiny seals.  They also have a natural herding instinct.  In Cuba they were used to herd family chickens and geese.


How much do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.

Will I love you when you piddle

For twenty one straight days


On that gorgeous Indian blanket

That my friends have all admired?

Will I love you when I find you

On my pillow when you're tired?


Will I love your muddy pawprints

When you chase a butterfly

From the garden through the kitchen

When the floor wax isn't dry?


Will I love you when you're shedding

And all day I vacuum hair?

When, in digging, you demolish

Ten begonias raised with care?


Will I love you just past midnight

When I let you out and then

I let you in then let you out

Then let you in again?


Will I love you when you're lunching

On a twenty dollar shoe?

(True, you didn't touch the other,

But I sort of needed two.)


The day you ate the birthday cake,

Will I forgive?  Forget?

O, how much will I love you

As I go to pay the vet


For binding up with tendernesss,

That nasty little gash

You got while decorating

The lawn with all our trash?


Will I love you when you're sandy,

Dripping water from the beach

As I chase you 'cross the carpet

And you stay just out of reach?


At these times let me remember

How cute you look today,

And sigh and tell myself, again,

I love you anyway!

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