Wow AKC New Champion!!


Wow AKC New GRAND  Champion!!

2015 AKC NOHS Finalist!!!!

I'm #9 Havanese for the 2017 AKC National Owner-Handler Series Finialist!

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Hello, I'm Griz aka Little Man. My formal name is KandL's Little Man of the Mountain so they call me Griz. Get it? Grizzly bear, Griz for short. Mom says that I'm cuddly like a bear. She loves to cuddle with me and I love to cuddle with her when we travel in the RV. When I'm home; well I'm my own man. Mom went to great lengths to get me. She traveled all the way to Colorado with my biological Mom, Missi, to meet my biological Dad, Ernie. That is how I got my name. They have big mountains in Colorado and big bears as well.

I was born in the hospital by c-section. Mom didn't want to take any chances so Missi had surgery and I was born as well as my sisters. Mom said that she had an easy choice on which one of us to keep because I was the only boy! he he, that means that I'm to best! The Creator only needed to give Mom one boy and that is me! I get to stay with KandL Kidz and be a show dog. Mom and Dad say that I'm a very nice boy with good conformation. Not sure what that means but I plan to get allot of ribbons.

Dad and I play show dog every morning before the other Kidz get out of bed. We go outside and walk up and down the sidewalk and practice. Dad says that I'm really good with my walk and free stack and Mom is impressed. I just hope the judges are as impressed and Mom is.

Being part of the KandL Kidz is fun. We get all of Mom's attention and Dad's when he's not working. We get to travel in the RV and go to some really nice places. We get to meet some very nice and interesting people and other dogs. We get to go to dog shows and show our stuff. Its a lot of fun! Everybody tells me that I'm just a happy little guy and I say yep, I'm a KandL Kid!

Little Man Griz

The Naughty or Nice 3

This is me and my sisters in the hospital just after we were born.

I'm Born!!!

This is on my birthday after I got home from the hospital.

I'm 1 week old!!!

I would be 1 week in this picture.

I'm 1 week old!!!

Another 1 week old picture.

I have a heart on my side, Mom says that I'm her heart dog!

Griz Personal Bio:
Name: RBIS-OH GCH KandL's Little Man of the Mountain
  May 13, 2016 to March 8, 2020
Breed: Havanese
Pedigree: Click Here
Color/Markings: Black Parti Color
Eyes: Dark Almond Shape
Lips: Beautiful Permanent Smile
Height: TBD"
Weight: TBD lbs I'm still growing
Length: TBD"
Likes: Taking Mom and Dad's socks, tormenting Buffi, Snuggling with Dad and Mom, Morning show training with Dad, Children, walks, travel, camping, meeting new people.

The cold weather, getting scolded (I'm naughty), Buffi taking my bully stick.

Favorite Food:

String Cheese and Hot Dogs

Favorite Toy: The chew bone.
Professional Certifications:

AKC, Home Obedient Schooled Graduate,  




Patellar HAV-PA6000/16M/P-VPI  

Hip HAV-4340G24M-VPI

Elbow HAV-EL2465M24-VPI

Legg-Calve-Perthes HAV-LP2066/24M-PI

Cardiac HAV-ACA107/17M-VPI

Available: Yes
Favorite Vacation: Michigan Upper Peninsula, Minnesota Lake Vermilion
When I grow up:

I want to be a Best in Show dog like my sire Ernie!

3 Weeks Old!   3 Weeks Old!  3 Weeks Old!

This is 3 weeks old.

   5 Weeks Old!  5 Weeks Old!  5 Weeks Old!

I'm 5 weeks old.

 7 Weeks Old!  7 Weeks Old!  7 Weeks Old!

I'm 7 weeks old.

           This is Me when I was 9 weeks old.

9 Weeks Old!

9 Weeks Old!

 warm up!  warm up!  warm up!  warm up!  And here we go!!  And here we go again!  I'm a Winner!!    

Here I am at 3 and a half months old at my first B match. It was fun!

Just hanging at home. I'm 4 months old here

I'm 4 Months old!      I'm 4 Months old!   I'm 4 Months old!

Just after Mom groomed me. I'm 4 months

I'm 4 Months old!         I'm 4 Months old!       I'm 4 Months old!  I'm 4 Months old!

The whole gang!

Lake Vermilion, October 2016

GCH Bee, GCH yoR, GCH Hapi, GCH Rozy, GCHB Missi, RBIS-OH GCHB Charles, Buffi, and me- RBIS-OH GCH Griz

Christmas 2016

I'm 7 months old and it's my first Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2016, I'm 7 months old

Merry Christmas 2016, I'm 7 months old

Wow! I'm 11 months old have a new Title


Reserve Best in Show Owner Handled

Bartlesville Kennel Club,Grove, OK, Sunday April 16, Reserve Best in Show OH!!!

  OH Reserve Best in Show!!!!  Wow a OH RBIS!  Wow a OH RBIS!  Wow a OH RBIS!

OH- Group 1!!!!

                                                Wow a Group 1!                                     Wow a Group 1!                                                 Wow a Group 1!

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm one year old today!

May 13, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Happy 1st Birthday!!

My BAER test!

My BAER (hearing) Test, I'm 18 months old and have 'selective' hearing!

I'm a NEW Champion!!

Cyclone Country Kennel Club of Ames, Des Moines, IA



I'm a NEW Champion!!! 

My Owner Handled Group 4!!!

My Owner Handled Group 4!!! 

My New Champion ribbons!

My NEW Champion ribbons!!! 

It's my 2 nd Birthday!

May 13, 2018

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!! 

The KandL Kidz Gang!!

The KandL Kidz Gang!!! 

I'm 2 years old today!!

I'm 2 years old today!!! 

I'm a NEW GRAND Champion!!

Nebraska Kennel Club, Lincoln, NE


I'm a NEW Grand CHAMPION!!!

I'm a NEW GRAND Champion!!! 

I got a Toy Group 1 !!!!!

Roaring Fork Kennel Club, Eagle, CO


Group 1!!!

Group 1!!!

Group 1!!!

Group 1!!!

Group 1!!!

Toy Group 1 !!!!!

Best in Show Ring!

A Show Dog Career is RUFF!!

A Show Dog Career is RUFF!

I'm 3 years old today!!!

May 13, 2019

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!! 

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!! 

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday dear Grizz!!! 

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!! 

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