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How to feed your Kid from puppy to adult.

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Your Kid should have been sent home with a sample of food that he has been fed during his time with the breeder. If you prefer to change the food do it gradually by feeding 90% of the old and 10% of the new for a day or two. Gradually increase the amount of new, 10% at a time, each day until his meals are completely the new food. Making the food change gradually will decrease tummy upset with less chance of runny stools and vomiting. If your Kidz’ stool is solid as you mix the food and after the transition is complete, the new food agrees with his stomach.

If using a puppy formula, when your Kid is a year old you should change to the adult formula using the same gradual change method. You should remain with the same brand as the puppy food that he has been given. Adult dogs should NOT be given puppy foods as they need a good quality adult food. Puppy food is far too high in proteins, calcium, etc for adult dogs.

When choosing a food for your Kid, it is important to feed holistic grade dog food; dog food that is made from food that is approved for humans to eat as well. Common commercial brands are not made from human grade food and contain cheap fillers, corn, wheat, soy, beet pulp and by products. They contain very little meat protein. Dogs extract nutrition from meats not grains and should be fed foods that have more meat content than grain. It takes up to 3 times more of the low quality grain based foods for a dog to receive proper nutrition than it does a good quality meat based food. Corn and wheat are not easily digestible for dogs and they add very little nutritional value to food.

Some very good quality foods to consider: Canidae, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, Nutro Ultra, Wellness, California Natural, Solid Gold, Blue Buffalo, and Timberwolf.

Puppies will eat when they want so always leave dry food down for your Kid allowing him to eat as much food as he wants as often as he wants. Leave dry food down in the play area so he can eat when he wakes from naps, in the morning and in the evenings or just whenever they want to eat. Do not expect your Kid to eat on a schedule. For the first couple of weeks, they will pick their own times to eat so make sure they have access to food and water at all times during the day.

During the first few weeks after bringing your Kid home, you might have to moisten his food with water providing a soft food. Moist food will spoil very quickly so feed him the soft food 2 to 3 times a day and leave down the dry food.

Make sure your Kid has access to water all day and night. Use a smaller shallow bowl or a pet watering bottle, don't use a large bowl as they will probably climb in it and you want them to stay warm and dry and their bowl clean and wet.

MAKE SURE YOUR KID EATS AND DRINKS! Do not set the food and water down and assume your Kid will eat and drink. Always check the levels in the bowls to ensure that he eats and drinks a good amount of food and water. The amounts of food and water consumed by your Kid will increase as your Kidz’ age increases.


Your Kid needs your tender loving care and in return your Kid will give you a lifetime of unconditional love!

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