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Hallie is 3 months old!  Hallie is 3 months old!
Hallie having fun at home.
Hallie is Bee Sting 1 and is 3 months old!

Bella is 6 months old! Bella is 6 months old!  Bella
is 6 months old!
Bella, Bee Sting 3, is quite pretty with her new bow
at 6 months old!

I'm beautiful!
Chloe, Bee Sting 4, relaxing after a long day at the spa!

I'm 6 months old!  I'm 6 months old!
Chole is 6 months old and quite a beauty! Chloe is Bee Sting 4.

Zoey and Yogi bonding!!

Zoey, Bee Sting 5, with her big brother Yogi bonding and enjoying a Chew together.

I'm 5 months old!
GCH CH Missi, Bee Sting 2, is 5 months old and quite the looker!

Desi and Rory at home!!

I'm such a cutie teddy bear!!

Desi and Rory on the beach!!

Desi and Rory on the beach!!

Desi, Bee Sting 8 and 4 months old, enjoying a sunny day at home and on the beach with his big Havanese brother Rory.

Missi is 6 months!!
GCH CH Missi, Bee Sting 2, is 6 months!!

Picasso is 7 months!!          Missi is 6 months!!
CH Picasso, Sting 7, is enjoying his Christmas Tree at 7 months!!

Bella is ready for Spring break!     Bella is ready for Spring break!      Bella is ready for Spring break!      Bella is ready for Spring break!      Bella is ready for Spring break!      Bella is ready for Spring break!

Bella, Sting 3 at 21 months old, has a new bikini. She is ready for Spring Break! Looking good Bella!!

Looking good girl!  Love the cut!!  Cutie!!  I'm Blue!!  Sisters!  Mom, Dad, and two girls!!  Looking good girl!

Chloe, Bee Sting 4, came to visit!! It was great to see you again. Love how your coat color turned blue. Chole is 2 years old.

Desi is Sting 8.
Here he is at 2 1/2 years old with his big Havanese brother Rory!

Desi is 2 1/2 years old!  Desi is 2 1/2 years old!  Desi is 2 1/2 years old!

 Desi is 2 1/2 years old!  Desi is 2 1/2 years old!  Desi is 2 1/2 years old!

Desi wrote back to the Bee Hive, we just love to hear from our little Bee Stings! You look great Desi!


Greetings from Scituate!

 I am sorry it has taken so long for my mom to send pics.  She takes pictures of me all the time, but they usually stay in her camera! 

She showed me the pictures of my new brothers and sisters, they are so cute.  My mom really likes the little black one, but I guess two havs are enough (for now).  

Can you recognize me?  My mom was looking at old pics of me, and even last year, I had black running through my coat, but not anymore.  I am a golden boy now!  My hair is still growing out from my summer du, but longer hair isn't that great when it is snowing out.  Even with our coats on, Rory and I get snow balls all over our legs.  Ouch!! 

Please let my mom know if the pictures came out okay....she's really not that great at this!  XOXO to everybody!


Hallie is 4 years old!

Hallie Bee Sting 1 is ready to Deck the Halls at 4.5 years old!

The 3 Amigos!
Bella, Sting 3 at 4.5 years old, being good for her Mom along with her sister and brother, Rosie,Sting 4 at 2 years of the Bee Hive 2 and Sting 1 at 3 months of Bee Hive 3.

The 3 Amigos!
Manny, Sting 1 and 4 months old of the Bee Hive 3, taking control of the best seat in the house and upsetting his sisters
Bella,Sting 3 at 4.5 years of the Bee Hive 1 and
Rosie Sting 4 at 2 years of Bee Hive 2.

Desi 4 years old!        Desi 4 years old!         Desi 4 years old!         Desi 4 years old!

Desi Sting 8 is chilling at home. Desi is looking good at 4.5 years old

 Looking good girl at 7 half years old!

Chloe, Bee Sting 4, is 7.5 years old.

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