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Dogs like their wild ancestors, instinctively want to seek shelter. A crate serves as a den for the domesticated dog. Crates are the quickest and easiest way to housetrain your Kid. Your Kidz Mom has already trained him not to eliminate in the den. Confining your Kid to his crate will encourage him to hold it.

Puppies usually arrive at their new home at 8 - 9 weeks of age. Just like babies they cannot control their bladders until they mature. This is usually between 3 and 6 months. Be patient and expect accidents. Reward good behavior and ignore bad behavior.

How to Crate Train:

    The size of the crate is very important, your crate should have only enough room for him to stand, turn around and lay down comfortably. Purchase a crate that will accommodate his full-grown size and that has an adjustable partition. The crate will be your Kidz bedroom, his den.

          The ideal location for a crate is in a room full of activity so that your Kid will feel that he is part of the family and enjoy his new room.

           Start a schedule and keep a log of your Kidz eating, drinking and elimination times. This will help you predict when hell need to go. A puppy normally needs to eliminate after eating, playing, and waking from a nap. As a general guideline, puppies can hold it one hour for every month of age, up to 8 hours.

          Acclimate your Kid to his crate by first confining him for 5 minutes. Gradually increase the time as he becomes more comfortable. Do not show excitement when releasing him or hell think of leaving his crate as a reward. Crate him several times a day, not just when you leave.

          Just as a baby cries in his crib it is common to expect some distress at first. Your Kid may whine but dont let him out until he stops as your Kid will see this as reward for bad behavior. Crate covers help reduce the amount of distractions for your Kid.

          Always take your Kid to his designated place outside when you remove him from the crate and only reward him when he eliminates.

           Do not abuse the crate by confining him too long. If you will be away for an extending amount of time, arrange a pet sitter or neighbor to take your Kid outside.

           Never use the crate as punishment.

           At nighttime your Kid will need to relieve himself less frequently. Put the crate next to your bed and if you hear whimpering take him outside. You may want to set an alarm for halfway through the night to take him outside and avoid accidents.

           Dont leave food in the crate at bedtime. This will discourage accidents in the crate.

           If your Kid soils his crate you more than likely left him in too long.

           Always keep a close watch on your Kid until hes trained. It might be helpful to keep him on a leash when he is not crated. This way he cannot sneak off and have an accident when you are not looking.

          Never put housebreaking pads or newspapers inside the crate. It is important to take advantage of your Kidz natural instinct not to soil his den.


    Remember, be consistent and patient and, your Kid will quickly learn that his bathroom is outside!

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