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I'm 6 Months old!

I'm Buffi

I have my very own page!!

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Osiyo, a Cherokee Hello,

Iím Buffi short for Buffalo. I'm from the Tear Drop 2 litter and I'm very special because Mom tells me that I'm all her dogs in one! Charles is my biological Dad and Hapi is my biological Mom. My biological Grandparents are Bee and yoRzy. I'm the second generation of KandL Kidz so that makes me very special.

Mom thought that when I was an infant my head looked like a buffalo. She would look at me and laugh. She though I was so cute. So she started calling me buffalo head. The early pioneers and Native American Indians would follow the buffalo trails because the buffalo would only take the easiest path. It made travel much easier for them. Bee and Hapi didn't think that a pretty girl like me could be called Buffalo Head. A lot of conversation went on in our house about my name so one day we were traveling through an Indian Reservation in South Dakota and Mom saw a street named Pretty Head. She said that is it! So I became known as KandL's Pretty Head of Buffalo Hapi Trail, "Buffi" for short, and that is my name!

I like living with the KandL Kidz. Its my forever home now. I get to be a show dog! We travel all over the United States vacationing and going to shows. Its a lot of fun. I get to travel in a motor home with the rest of the clan. I get to sleep in a big soft bed with my Mom and Dad and the rest of the clan.

I like to play with the puppies. I love to chase them, wrestle and just be a puppy with them. Its so much fun. I also like to take my Mom's and Dad's socks and shoes. I like to take them and run and hide with them when they are getting dressed. Its lot of fun to act like I don't know what happened to them. he he!

I also like to torment Rozy. I like to take her toys and chewies. She get so mad at me but its fun.

I also like to snuggle with my Mom and Charles. It makes me feel safe and special!

Keep your tail up!



The Tear Drop 2

This is me and my sisters in the hospital just after we were born.

I'm Born!!!

This is on my birthday after I got home from the hospital.

I'm 1 week old!!!

I would be 1 week in this picture.

I'm 1 week old!!!

Another 1 week old picture.

Buffi's Personal Bio:
Name: KandL's Pretty Head of Buffalo Hapi Trail
Breed: Havanese
Pedigree: Click Here
Color/Markings: Blue Brindle with White Markings
Eyes: Dark Almond Shape
Lips: Beautiful Permanent Smile
Height: TBD"
Weight: TBD lbs I'm still growing
Length: TBD"
Likes: Taking Mom and Dad's shoes and socks, tormenting Rozy, Snuggling, Play with the Puppies, Children, walks, travel, camping, grooming a girl has to look good.

Anybody taking my food or treats!!

Favorite Food:

Chicken and Liver

Favorite Toy: Charles' cow that crinkles.
Professional Certifications:

AKC, Obedient School Graduate,  




Hip HAV-4098G27F-VPI

Elbow HAV-EL2329F27-VPI

Legg-Calve-Perthes HAV-LP1944/27F-VPI

Cardiac HAV-ACA106/29F-VPI

Available: Yes
Favorite Vacation: South Dakota
When I grow up:

I want to be a Therapy dog like my sister Wrigley.

I'm 3 weeks old!!!     I'm 3 weeks old!!!  I'm 3 weeks old!!!

This is 3 weeks old.

   I'm 6 weeks old!!!  I'm 6 weeks old!!!  I'm 6 weeks old!!!

I'm 6 weeks old. See the Buffalo Head?

 I'm 8 weeks old!!!  I'm 8 weeks old!!!  I'm 8 weeks old!!!

I'm 8 weeks old.

           This is Me when I was 9 weeks old.

I'm 9 weeks old!!!

I'm 9 weeks old!!!

I'm so sweet at 13 Weeks

 I'm 5 Months old!    I'm 5 Months old!

I'm enjoying the outside sun. I'm 5 months old in these pictures.

I'm 5 Months old!

This is me and my sister Wrigley - Drop 4 at 5 months old

Mom called us "Double Trouble"

Just hanging at home. I'm 6 months old here

I'm 6 Months old!      I'm 6 Months old!   I'm 6 Months old!

Christmas 2015

I'm 7 months old and it's my first Christmas!


My first Christmas!         My first Christmas!       My first Christmas!

My first Christmas!


 I got anxious and couldn't wait for Christmas! It had my name on It?

Does this mean that I'm on the Naughty List?

I'm 8 months old

I'm educated now, I graduated!

No flunky here!

Dad let me pick out my very own toy for a graduation gift!

I'm 8 Months old!

Here I am at 8 months old with my Grandma Bee who is 10 years and Grandpa yoRzy who is 9 years.

I hope I look as good as my Grandparents when I'm their age!

I'm 8 Months old!    I'm 8 Months old!    I'm 8 Months old!

Here I am at 8 months old!

I'm 8 Months old!   I'm 8 Months old!  I'm 8 Months old!  

This is the Sunflower Cluster Shows in Park City, KS

April 7 - 11, 2016

I'm 10 Months Old!

My Reserve Ribbons!!

I'm a show gal!!

I'm a show gal!!

Hapi Birthday to Me!! I'm One year old today!

May 20, 2016

Birthday gang!!

The birthday gang is all here and waiting patiently.

It smells good!

It smells good!

The birthday cake, yummy.

The birthday cake, yummy.

Hapi Birthday to me!

Hapi Birthday to me!

This is interesting and fun!

This is interesting and fun!

Thank you Mom and Dad, I had a very Hapi Birthday!

Thank you Mom and Dad, I had a very Hapi Birthday!

The whole gang!

Lake Vermilion, October 2016

GCH Bee, GCH yoR, GCH Hapi, GCH Rozy, GCHB Missi, OH-RBIS GCHB Charles, Buffi, Griz

I'm Two years old today!

May 20, 2017

Hapi Birthday to me!!

I'm two years old!

I'm Two years old!

My cake at the big table!

My Cake at the big table!

My cake at the big table!

Can we eat now?

I get a present!

I get a present!

Mine all MINE!

Mine all MINE!

Thank you Mom and Dad!

Thank you Mom and Dad!

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