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A must read before choosing a breeder or a pet store puppy. Be educated before committing to a purchase.

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All Breeders that I know and do business with all agree on the same philosophy. We breed to improve the breed. We do all the appropriate health testing, care for our dogs the best that we possibly can, and follow the Havanese Club of America recommenced breeding practices. Any responsible breeder would agree with me. We do not mix breed, we do not breed our girls at every cycle, or 6 months, we do not over breed our males, they need a rest, and we hand deliver every puppy, and care for the puppies until they go to there new homes. Oh, and not to mention spoil our dogs in the process. I could rewrite the best practices but the standard has already been established. I will point you the NorthStar Havanese Club website which, in my opinion, has the best written 'Buyer Education'.

Please take the time to go to the website and read every page. Learn about what you should know before you commit to buying!

Click here
for NorthStar Havanese Club Buyers Education Page

Puppy Mill

Puppy Mill

Puppy Mill

Puppy Mill

Is it a puppy mill? I would say YES to these pictures! To read more about puppy mills please visit a website created by a good friend of mine "They're all Keepers" Click here

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