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Please read this Adoption page in its entirety.

 It states our policies for adoption.

Breeder of Merit!!

KandL Kidz is proud to have been awarded the prestigious AKC Breeder of Merit Award

Contract/Purchase Agreement:

We will require a contract/purchase agreement to be signed. We do this to not only protect the Kid but, to protect the buyer and seller as well. We do ask that you read this page in its entirety as it states as our policies.  If you can accept our terms, we then ask that you complete an Adoption Application and return it to us.


We will only place our KandL Kidz in approved homes as pet ownership is huge responsibility that must be carefully considered and then committed to for the life of the pet. We DO NOT want our KandL Kidz placed in an environment where they will be shaved, placed in a cage, and bred several times a year. To ensure that our KandL Kidz are placed in loving homes we ask that you complete our Adoption Application and return it to us via email. You may feel that this is somewhat an inconvenience or too personal but, we like to know a bit about the potential adoptive families.  After we receive the application it will be reviewed and if you are accepted you will have the option of either choosing an available puppy, placing a deposit to be put on our selection list for on an upcoming litter.

Approval or Disapproval of an application is solely at the discretion of KandL Kidz.  The buyer(s) must be the person(s) who will own the KandL Kid.  We will not sell a Kid to pet stores, buyer(s) for third parties or, for the purpose of a gift to an unsuspecting third party.

Please complete the application and email to us in one of three ways, download in 'Word' format or in 'Text' format and fill in the application, or download in 'PDF' format then print/complete/scan. After completing the application please email to   A fax can be received with prior arrangements, just send us an email and let us know you wish to send a fax.

                                                                                                                        Word format                                 Text Format                                    PDF

                                                                                                                               Word Format                                               Text Format                                                      PDF Format


A non refundable deposit of one half the purchase price will secure your place in the selection list for an upcoming litter. Once the Kidz are born we will bill you for the remainder of the purchase price.  Any remaining balance will be due when your Kid is about 4 weeks of age. If you are choosing an adoptable Kid, see 'Selection', payment will be required in full. If you know that you definitely wish to adopt a KandL Kid from an upcoming litter and your Adoption Application has been approved, we will accept a deposit from you. You will then be placed on the selection list.  The order of the selection list is determined by the order that we receive the deposits.  If your deposit is first, you will be first in the list.


Once you have a deposit accepted by us you will be allowed to select your Kid from a new litter at about the time the Kid reaches 9-10 weeks of age. Selections will be offered in the order of the selection list, please see 'Deposits' for more information. After all families on the selection list have chosen their Kid, the remaining Kidz will be offered as adoptable on a 'first come first serve' basis. If something should happen  to your Kid prior to delivery, you will have the opportunity to choose from any adoptable Kid, i.e. a Kid that has not been reserved for another family. After you have chosen your Kid, you will not be allowed to 'change your mind' unless approved by KandL Kidz. Show homes will have priority in the selection process over pet homes.

KandL Kidz reserves the right to withhold any or all Kidz from the selection list and reserves the right to keep 'pick of the litter' or the entire litter at selection time. This will be done only if an exceptional Kid is produced, i.e. rare color, show quality, etc.


Prices will be stated to you when your application has been approved. This price includes the Kid,  limited AKC registration rights, a generous Kid Pack, the removal of the dew claws, and  your Kid will be up to date with all recommended vaccinations and medical treatments appropriate for their age.  Any delivery costs will be additional cost and must be paid in full, please consider the wait period according to the schedule listed in the 'Payment' section.


Ownership does not occur until several events have occurred. You do not own your Kid until our final contract has been signed, you have received the final AKC registration naming you as the owner, all monies have been paid in full, and you have possession of the Kidz, i.e. you have taken your Kid home. Prior to the time of final ownership the Kid is the sole property of KandL Kidz and we reserve the right to refuse you as a customer at anytime with no explanation required.


An itemized invoice will be sent to you via email showing any receipts and the total balance due.  The deposit and any payments will be subtracted from the balance due.  All payments must be paid in full and funds cleared as described below prior to delivery of your Kid.

We gladly accept the following types of payments:

      Cash - with no waiting period.

      Cashier's Check or Personal Check - 30 day waiting period for funds to clear.

      Money Orders will not be accepted.



Delivery of your KandL Kid will be sometime after 9 - 10 weeks of age. You may pick up your Kid in person by driving to our location or we could meet you at the Eastern Iowa Airport, CID, if you wish to fly and carry your Kid home in the cabin with you.  We could possibly arrange delivery to your home (fees apply) depending on your location. We do not ship our Kidz via the airlines as we like to meet the adopting families.


We will not name our Kidz as we feel that this your responsibility and right to name your Kid.  We will use the litter ID and puppy ID to identify and refer to the Kidz.  Once you have a name chosen, please let us know and we will refer to your Kid by the name you wish. The registered name is limited in size and regulated by AKC, see the 'Links' page for AKC to obtain more information and regulations on naming as set by AKC. We do require that you use 'KandL's as the first word in the registered name and we will give a theme to work with while choosing your new Kidz registered name. Some litters we will reserve the right to choose the AKC Registered name. We will also register your Kid with AKC for you no exceptions.


Before you receive your Kid, we will assist in the birthing of all the Kidz, weigh them, and ensure that they get a healthy start in life.  They will be handled daily, loving and kissing them.  We will monitor their growth and give them the necessary medical care.  We will ensure that each Kid receives individual attention as we feel that this is important in their development and it also gives us the opportunity to evaluate the development of each Kid.  We will nurse the Kidz that need that extra attention.  We will raise the Kidz in our home, the living room during waking hours and in the master bedroom during sleeping hours, human that is, as we don't believe they should be in the basement or outside in the garage.  We will only allow visitors, other than the adoptive families, after they are about 4 weeks of age and nobody will be allowed around the Kidz unless they are in good health.  We feel that is important to socialize the Kidz with other people and they like the attention. We will begin grooming the Kidz as soon as they are at the appropriate age.  We will trim the nails and gently brush them to introduce them to the brush.  We will remove the hair from their ears as soon as it is needed. We will also begin the potty training. We will not deliver the Kidz to their adoptive families until they are eating puppy food on their own and we feel that they are independent and ready for their new home.  Oh what a sad day it will be when they go to their new homes, but happy also as we want to share in your happiness and we know that you will love the Kidz as much as we do.


After you receive your Kid, the AKC registration will be completed by KandL Kidz. In a few weeks you will receive your AKC registration in the mail. You will be given a 'Limited' registration meaning that you cannot show your Kid for Confirmation nor can you register any puppies that your Kid may produce. We require that you spay or neuter your Kid. We also require that at any time and for any reason you can no longer care for your Kid, you do the right thing and return the Kid to us so that we can find an appropriate home for the Kid. Please remember that Havanese do not like to be isolated, they would not do well in a rescue shelter situation. We do not want any of our Kidz to be placed in a shelter. We would prefer to have them in our home.


All medical services will be performed by our veterinarian or under the direction of our veterinarian as we believe these things should be performed by the professionals. Although we will require that you microchip your Kid for security and recovery if needed, we will not perform this service for you. A Havanese is quite small at 9 weeks of age and should not be microchipped until the Kid is around 3 months of age.  So see your veterinarian and ask for his/her opinion.

Kid Pack:

Your Kid will be given a Kid Pack with delivery.  If your Kid is shipped, part of the Kid Pack will be mailed to you for security reasons. What's included in the Kid Pack?

A Welcome Letter and 'Tips' sheets on how to care for your Kid.

 A fashionable puppy collar and leash.

 Your Kid will receive a brush, bath and nail trim prior to delivery.

A sample of puppy food.

A sample of cookie treats.

A sample of grooming products.

A warm cozy blanky with Mom and littermates' scent to make your Kidz transition more comfortable. It will be used by Mom and all the Kidz!

A chew toy for your Kidz chewing needs.

A medical treatment card showing all the worming, vaccinations, and complete medical history of your Kid.

AKC registration.

A birth record showing all the statistics of your Kid.

A CD filled with pictures of your Kid and the other Kidz in the litter.

Consultation services from KandL Kidz on any questions or issues that you may have for the life of your Kid.


Have you ever thought about showing your Kid? Thought it was something you could never do? Thought it was beyond an obtainable goal? Well, you are wrong! We had never shown prior to Bee and yoR and it has been the most fun and rewarding experience for us. Showing is a wonderful bonding experience for you and your Kid. If you are considering showing your Kid, let us know, we can help. We would be so happy to see you show a KandL Kid. We would be happy to help you get started and mentor you along the way. Although we will not train your Kid for you, that is your responsibility, we will assist in training you to train your Kid. We would even show your Kid for you if you would prefer.

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