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Roy 15 months

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Hi, itís Bee,

I need to tell our visitors some very upsetting news.  About Mid December 2006, Roy and I were going to start our family. Roy was geared up and I was ready. We both got sick and were on treatment for 30 days so our owners in conjunction with our vets decided it would be best to wait until next time.  

As I got better Roy seemed to get worse. After finishing our treatment Roy was really sick. Dr Davis from the Davis Veterinarian Clinic and Dr Reiss, Dr Graf, and Dr Aper from the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center treated  Roy. They all did a wonderful job in trying to help Roy get well. Dr Davis was leery of some of Royís test results. We took Roy to the EIVSC late on a Saturday night. Dr Reiss, who specializes in Internal Medicine, did a wonderful job getting Roy back to feeling better in a matter of 24 hours. He gave Roy a plasma transfusion, an ultrasound, removed 600cc of fluid from his abdomen, lots of blood tests, and some bad tasting medicine. 

Dr Reiss didn't like those test results any better than Dr Davis. The following week, Roy went to see Dr Graf at the EIVSC, also a specialist in Internal Medicine. She gave Roy another ultrasound and more bad tasting medicine. The test results still looked bad so everybody decided Roy needed a surgery to get better. Dr Aper is the surgeon who operated on Roy along with Dr Graf. These four veterinary doctors are four highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. Any dog would be fortunate to be in their care.

We are very grateful for the care they gave Roy and for the compassion they have for their patients and families. From one pup and her owners what can we say, Thank You to all.

Enough about that for now, Mom and Dad brought me to our home when I was a young puppy to be a running mate with Roy, his companion when Mom and Dad are off to work, his girl, his mate for life. We all get along so well, our life is very content together. Our owners take us everywhere they go except to work. They even bought Roy and me a Winnebago last spring so we could ride in comfort. Boy, Roy likes camping in that thing, the year before he tent camped and I don't think he thought that was much fun. Roy and I have had a lot of fun together. We run, we wrestle, we take each others toys and chews, and sometimes we sneak off to the clover field and prairie grass to get away. We'll get in trouble over that every time but it's worth it, punishment isn't that bad with our softy owners.

Well tonight Mom is heart sick, Dad is bummed big time, and I don't know what to think. Roy's not coming home no more. They say his spirit is free and roaming without a collar or leash, can you imagine? I'm not sure about no spirit, I just wish Roy was here, home with me and Mom and Dad. He's been at my side my whole life and I miss him bad. Roy, if you or your spirit stops by the house please give me a yip so I know you are OK. Don't forget to take your new goggles with you. We didn't get a chance to use them in the boat or hanging out Dadís car window as he drives down the road. You may need them if your spirit's as fast as I've heard. Mom says she misses you "Little Man". Dad says the same "Little Roy Boy". I just miss you "Roy-Z".

Your Little Bee

KandL's Roy Baxter Schuchmann

October 24, 2004 - January 17, 2007

Roy Cool!

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