The Queen Bee is 15 years old!!

Our Little Bee, "The Queen Bee" celebrated her 15th birthday! Bee is our Foundation gal. She is still "So Pretty" at 15!!!

Happy Birthday Beebs

The Grumpy old Man is 14 years old!!

Our Old Man, yoR, "The Grumpy Old Man", celebrated his 14th birthday! yoR is our Foundation guy. He still acts like a puppy at 14!!!

Happy Birthday yoRzy

Big Man and Little Man take Toy Group 1 in Eagle CO!


Griz takes a Group 1 in Eagle CO!!!!! WoW!!

Buffi takes back to back BoS at the Nebraska KC show for 4 points!

Griz picked up a new title in Grove, OK! Reserve Best in Show Owner Handled! WOW, our boys are on a roll!!

Charles picked up a new title in Waterloo, IA!  Reserve Best in Show Owner Handled! WOW, WOW again!!

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Breeder of Merit!!

KandL Kidz is proud to have been awarded the prestigious AKC Breeder of Merit Award

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I'm 15 months old

KandL's Roy Baxter Schuchmann


1 1/2 years old

Little Bee

GCH CH KandL's Little Bee Schuchmann

"Queen Bee"

5 years old


GCH CH KandL's Majical yoR Schuchmann


5 years old

Hapi at 4 years old!

GCH KandL's Trails of Tears by Kimbriel Schuchmann


4 years old

I'm the first 2nd Generation GCH!!!

GCHB CH KandL's yoR Miss Bee HavN Schuchmann


3 years old

Charles at 5 years old!

RBIS-OH GCHB KandL's yoR a Block Head Charlie Bee


5 years old

Rozy at 3 years old!

GCH KandL's Cherokee Rose yoR BeeLoved


3 years old

Buffi at 5 years old!

KandL's Pretty Head of Buffalo Hapi Trail


5 years old

Griz at 2.5 years old!

RBIS-OH GCH KandL's Little Man of the Mountain

"Griz" or "Little Man"

2.5 years old

The whole gang!

Lake Vermilion, October 2016

GCH Bee, GCH yoR, GCH Hapi, GCH Rozy, GCHB Missi, RBIS-OH GCHB Charles, Buffi, RBIS-OH GCH Griz

Charles at 5 years old!

RBIS-OH GCHB yoR a Block Head Charlie Bee


5 years old

Roy 2 year and Bee 15 months

GCH CH Little Bee and Roy Baxter

We are Keith and Linda and we are honored to be the pet parents of KandL Kidz.  We live in eastern Iowa in an lodge in the woods.  What a wonderful place to raise adorable Havanese Kidz.

We absolutely love the Havanese breed and hand picked our Havanese Kidz for their personality, appearance, AKC registration, pedigree, exceptional lineage health history, and most importantly, the breed standard.  We have chosen to breed our Havanese Kidz in order to share the love and joy with others that our Havanese Kidz have given us.

This is not a puppy mill or kennell. We do not breed for quantity and profit. We breed for quality. We raise our Havanese Kidz as part of our family, yes under foot, as well as the puppies our Havanese Kidz produce.  Our Havanese Kidz are pets first, and oh what wonderful little bundles of joy.  We take our Havanese Kidz everywhere with us and they enjoy our company as much as we enjoy their company.

We hope that you will do your research and if you decide a Havanese is right for you; we would be happy to discuss KandL Kidz with you.  So please browse around these pages; we hope you enjoy our web site and find it very informational as well as fun.

Keith and Linda


We have Excellent Hips!!

Bee, Missi, Rozy and, Picasso are OFA certified Excellent!!


Our Hapi as the Havanese Ambassador for the

2008 HCA National Specialty

Hapi at 4 years old!

GCH Trails of Tears by Kimbriel Schuchmann


4 years old

Big Man and Little Man take Toy Group 1 in Eagle Co!

Little Bee

GCH Litle Bee Schuchmann

"Queen Bee"

5 years old

Levenworth, WA June 2010

GCHB Missi, GCH Litle Bee, GCH  yoR, GCH Hapi

Bee 2.5 year, yoR 16 months, Hapi 7 months

GCH Hapi, GCH yoR, GCH Little Bee

Members of:

Breeder of Merit!!

All of our Kidz are Health Tested!

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